The Vibrant Colors of Robert Gibson

by Tamera 17. June 2014 09:31

Lyceum Gallery will open the Vibrant Colors of Robert Gibson on Friday, June 20. Robert loves color. Drawn to the sheer joy and sensuousness of color, he is fascinated by how the intense presence of color can arouse any number of moods, stir sensations and stimulate consciousness. 

Gibson has been working on a series of still life paintings for the last eight years and approaches the still life like an intimate landscape. The paintings vary in subject from reflective spheres and glassware on  boldly patterned drapes to fruit or a bouquet of flowers or a combination of all of the above.  Recent work shows a more abstract approach to the still life.

"My aim is to construct vibrant compositions of color that rekindle in the viewer a sense of joy, peace and harmony and to create a luminous 'shimmer' in the viewer’s eye," explains Gibson.

Having exhibited his work in Maine for thirty years, Gibson was a major participant at the Turner Center for the Arts and several juried Area Artist Exhibits at University of Southern Maine Lewiston Auburn.

Robert Gibson will be greeting exhibit visitors at an opening reception Friday, June 20 from 5-7 at Lyceum Gallery.


Last Week for Modern Cartoon Exhibit

by Tamera 14. April 2014 14:24

This is your last opportunity to see the current exhibit! 

It is a whimsical and fun expression of the modern cartoon through caricature, the graphic novel, game cards, LobStories, and good old cartoons. Lyceum has never hosted such an exhibit and we have certainly enjoyed the reactions of our visitors.


PS. Through the Lens Photography Competition and Exhibit will not take place this year. Next year.


Photo Critique Workshop with Daniel J Marquis

by Tamera 19. January 2014 21:29
Saturday, February 1
10:00am - noon
Lyceum Gallery

What makes a good photograph?

Have you ever taken a photo of a beautiful scene and then been so disappointed in the results? Daniel Marquis will offer suggestions on what you can do to enhance that image before and/or after you have it in the camera. 

Marquis is a successful nature and cityscape photographer from Lewiston. One of Lyceum Gallery's resident artists, his photos have been featured in several nature and photography magazines and websites and are in many private collections. A frequent judge of photography competitions, Dan is an excellent photography teacher.

This critique session will focus on landscape, cityscape and nature photography. Each participant is encouraged to bring 5 images that will be projected on our large screen for critique. You will learn about:
• composition
• cropping
• lighting
• post production editing
Dan edits his work in Photoshop, but his suggestions can be applied to other image editing applications. 

Advanced registration is required. The workshop fee is $25. Bring a flash drive with up to five of your un-edited images to the workshop. Registration can be mailed to Lyceum Gallery, 49 Lisbon Street, Lewiston, ME 04240. Or emailed to


My Hope for Your New Year.

by Tamera 3. January 2014 18:12


What is the PERFECT gift?

by Tamera 10. December 2013 12:28

Time with family and friends.

For me holidays are about family and friends. As a child, we had lots of family living nearby, and we knew that we would always come together on special days. When I moved to Maine, we traveled back to St. Louis for those holidays until my children came. We then created new traditions with our "unconditional  friends".

Traditions change as families grows and friends move in and out of our lives. But gathering together is still the warmest and most satisfying gift we can give each other.

I always love it when my daughter gives me the gift of a day together! Last summer out mutual birthday gift was a week's vacation to the World Domination Summit in Portland, Oregan. Because she lives"away", our time together is always precious, Exploring a new place and new ideas brings us closer.

Friday evenings in the gallery is a very special time with my friends. It is something that started as drinks after exhibit openings and has grown to a weekly event that we all look forward to. This time of year the gallery is occupied almost every night by holiday parties, but we still want to get together. So the gathering moves up a couple of floors to my home.

There is no greater gift than the gift of time with those you love and care for. I hope that your holidays are full of such gifts!

Merry Christmas.



A Limited Edition Subscription

by Tamera 18. November 2013 19:05


 Roderick Dew's digital  paintings are mysterious works of incredible detail! A former goldsmith and painter, Roderick has taken his art to the computer to create extremely intricate patterns from nature and mathematics that could not be accomplished without the ability to zoom in with technology. 

His work ranges from business card size treasures to very large triptychs bursting with color. Printed with archival inks, each piece is a limited edition of 30.

BUT for Precious Things 2013, Roderick has created a very special subscription series in an edition of 10!

This series of six archival prints is only $500. Print No. 1 will be issued in December (just in time for a special holiday gift) and a new 3" x 7" print will be issued each month through May. One subscription sold at the opening, so only nine more are available.

To view more of Dew's work, visit the Resident Artists page.

The Cost of Being an Artist

by Tamera 8. November 2013 08:43

With soaring housing and health care costs, and a culture that seems more interested in financial stability than creative expression, has it become too expensive to pursue the arts in this country?

Yesterday the New York Times began a debate on this question. As a gallery owner, it is a frequent topic of discussion with artists. Without influencing the direction of the conversation, I would like to hear your thoughts.

Thank you.

Artists: Develop a pricing mechanism for your art.

by Tamera 26. October 2013 09:53

What price should I put on it?

This is probably the question that I am most commonly asked by artists.

The price that allows you to part with the piece and feel good about it. 

This is not what most artists want to hear, but it is the only answer that I can honestly give.

Some artists are so emotionally connected to their work that they can not let it go, and no amount of money will make the process easier. I tell them not to sell. They are not ready. If they want others to see their work, look for a venue other than a gallery. Galleries are in the business of selling art.

But most artists who come to me want to sell and need to figure out a comfortable, reliable means to pricing their works of art. The most common method is to price by size.

Painters and photographers frequently have a square inch formula based on the amount of time and materials that go into their average piece. This can be adjusted if a piece is particularly complex or special materials are used. It is the base and takes the pain out of figuring something out for each piece.

Jewelers look at the materials that they use and the complexity of the piece. Likewise, sculptors, carvers and steam punk designers.

You also have to consider your market area. 

Are you in a strong art market with access to lots of collectors? Are you in a tourist market? If yes, your prices can be higher.

Are you doing in craft fair market? Your prices can be lower than in a gallery.

 Are you selling online? You have to consider shipping and insurance.

Bottom line is to develop a consistent pricing mechanism that fits your medium and your emotional attachment. It is up to YOU. A gallery can tell you if you are too high or too low for their market, but YOU determine the price.


Great Artists.

by Tamera 23. October 2013 19:18


Dog Days of Summer

by Tammie 27. August 2013 21:19

This has been a strange week for me. I was unable to attend the the Fr8s, opening. A first that I do not want to repeat. What I have "affectionately" dubbed my Mystery Bug came back in full force for 10 days. I took a PhD in blood tests. And challenged the x-ray technician to find my lungs. End result, I am healthy. Spiked fevers and sever joint/muscle pain remain a mystery. Feeling better until the next bout.

While I spent MANY hours listening to pod casts, I managed to startle The Gallery Dog and ended up with a terrific shiner. (If you are on FaceBook, you will see the photo.) I now know what it means to "see stars".

Wonderful friends stepped in and put on a very good opening reception. Murad's work continues to receive daily inquiries. And the weather is PERFECT! Warm beach days; breezy evenings for dining alfresco. I have tried to get out for a bit whenever possible, and this evening was a wonderful 4 hour evening in front of Fuel. Just my kind of summer.

It is time to gear up for the fall gallery season. The schedule has been set so no surprises there. I mentioned listening to hours of pod casts. Most were about Social Media Marketing. This is the world of the 30 year olds that I was introduced to at The World Domination Summit. The enthusiasm and ideas for reaching out to new audiences is incredible!! I am still trying to figure out how to adapt a fine art gallery to the system. It will take a bit to teach this old dog some new tricks. 

Galleries are NOT major money makers. Galleries are for passionate people. Owners, artists and collectors. But I have been able to really focus on MY passion for Lyceum. BEAUTY and INSPIRATION.

I will always exhibit work that I think is BEAUTIFUL. It may not be cutting edge or get reviews in the NY Times, but it will be something that I love to look at for hours and years on end.

I will always feature artists and events that I find INSPIRATIONAL. I want to feel energized and blown away by the talent and creativity that I bring to you.

If you are looking for the off-beat, mind bending, latest "in" theme in visual arts, Lyceum Gallery may not be the place for you.

If you are looking for beautiful art work, created by master artists, don't miss Lyceum Gallery. Through the fall, the exhibits will be evolving with oils in the style of the Old Masters, photography unsurpassed in the community, paintings that make the light dance, and our SO popular steam punk clocks created from beautiful vintage finds.AND our Art and Jazz Nights return!

I love the dog days of summer and look forward to a colorful autumn.


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